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Recommendation Letter from Mandy Angus, NZ

Submitted by Mandy Angus on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 (FindaMuralist)

elephant wall, NZ

we cannot fault our experience with Nadia and Sebastian painting the entrance wall of our home for us. Nadia had a brief of painting an elephant in a jungle theme and other than that it was important for us that both Nadia and Sebastian enjoyed the work and their stay. They started as soon as they discussed with us what we were looking for and worked quickly and professionally without compromising the quality of the work. They stayed with us over the duration which was part of our agreement and through all that time we thoroughly enjoyed their easy company and their love for what they were doing. We found we were sad to see them go and will welcome them back any time they want to come. Every day we look at our wall it's a pleasure


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