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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Murals and Artistic works

The biggest of our work in Perry, Fl, USA...A mural of 35' X 9' commissioned by the city. We had to work during the night with spotlights because of the blazing summer heat. This was quite a challenge! 

Biviere di Gela, Sicilia
After cycling from France all the way to Sicilia, we ended up in a natural reserve in Gela where we agreed to exchange food and stay for two murasl. We have been commissioned to create this first painting on the importance of water (we have experienced the scarcity of the ressource here) 

Working on the wall in the middle of February when we think that everybody is freezing their ass in Canada!

A photography with Emilio Giudice, the founder of the reserve, a man who fights for preserving the biodiversity in southern Sicilia

This second mural has been made with my nephew s face who just had a surgery to the spine and we hope that one day he will be able to walk. Also a symbol of balance, this is the only way mankind can attain a sustainable future.

Wahiau Beach New Zealand
Mandy and Brett dream home

Blu Jazz Cafe, Singapore

Mama's Italian restaurant (Perry Fl)

By the end of March 2015, we were heading back north to Canada by the west coast of Florida. We stopped in this small town of the Florida panhandle to barter some food as usual (we've been doing that almost full time since NYC) as we had 40 miles before reaching another city...It's almost 3pm and we asked to the owner if he wants to barter food for art; he says : Can ya'll do a mural on my building for me? I've been waiting for that 10 years! We say: Yes!!! of course! It turned out that he put us in a hotel 4 nights, food included and money. This was our first major contract in Perry, FL...and you know what, we have been here 5 months now, busy like crazy painting signs, murals and playing concerts on the pipe organ and the piano!! Perry will remain in our heart forever and we love our new friends too.

Signs for businesses

T-shirt design for students        ( Taylor County)

Another mural in progress commissioned by the city of Perry, FL

A picture taken by Bruno Frebourg

Our dear tandem bicycle used for the Art Journey